Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Defending Rich People

My first essay as the NY government waste examiner.


  1. Michael,

    Great job and congratulations on being published. The only thing you may have wanted to acknowledge more openly and forcefully is that the environment you described is not the one which we are faced with today. A lot of (morons) will read what you wrote, see that it isn't working the way you say it should, remember that we have a "free market" system in the US and then conclude you are lying/clueless/impractical.

    Not me, of course, but they will. If you are concerned with winning over those people, you've got to be a bit more frank and direct about the fact that there is no free market in the US as the term is properly defined and understood.

    Otherwise, great work!

  2. I kept the piece shorter due to examiner constraints. Thanks for the appraisal however.

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